Revolution and Sovietization in the North Caucasus, by Pshimaho Kosok

Pshimaho Kosok (Left) with his brothers

 “Caucasian Review”, 1955, No. 1, pp.47-54. No. 3, pp.45-53
Caucasian Review published by the Institute for Study of the USSR, Munich, Germany

Pshimaho Kosok was born in 1888, jurist by  profession. In 1917 was associate of the chairman of the Central Committee of North Caucasian Peoples, then deputy prime minister and prime minister of the government of the North Caucasian Republic. Author of numerous Works in Russian and Turkish on the history of the North Caucasus.

Revolution and Sovietization in the North Caucasus  
In 1895 P. P. Nadezhdin, a member of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society, wrote:

The Caucasus is one of the most interesting parts of the world, both in its geographical, ethnographical  and historical aspects... So much has been written about the Caucasus that the numerous works published in Russia and abroad could, in Baron Uslar’s expression, form a mountain. However, for the majority of the educated public this mountain contains no full and systematic description of the Caucasus. 

Baron Uslar, who died 70 years ago, was a scholar of Caucasian history and linguistics and had compiled alphabets for the Abazin, Chechen and other Caucasian languages. Since his time another ‘‘mountain’’ has been written about the Caucasus.
In view of the wealth of material available the aim of the present article is quite modest—to give a short history of the Revolution as it affected the North Caucasus, and of the forcible implementation there of the alien Soviet system and Communist principles.

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