Ziramuk Kardengush(ev) 1918 - 2008

Ziramuk Kardengush(ev) (Къардэнгъущ| Зырамыку) 
10 January, 1918 - 25 December, 2008

An outstanding Adyghe figure, National Artist of Kabardino-Balkaria, Honored Art Worker Kabardino-Balkaria Republic and the Republic of Adygheya.

Ziramuk Kardengush was one of the greatest Circassian bards of the 20th century. He died in December 2008, just shy of his 91st birthday.

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Yuri Temirkanov
Yuri Temirkanov

Yuri Temirkanov was born in 1938, near the capital city of Nalchik, the Kabardino Balkarian Republic, in the north Caucasus. At the age of 15 years he went to Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) where he enrolled at the Leningrad Conservatory's Secondary School of music. His passion at that time was the violin, which he studied during his early school years. Later he enrolled in the Orchestral Department of the same Conservatory and continued his musical studies, graduating from it with a post graduate degree in conducting. 

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Muhadin Kishev

Muhadin Ismailovich Kishev (Russian: Мухадин Исмаилович Кишев; born 1939) is a Russian artist of Circassian descent from Kabardino-Balkaria in the Caucasus. His art is concerned with the confirmation of beauty and the medium of his paintings is usually oil on canvas or monotype on paper, with colour as the protagonist of his art. Kishev has exhibited his work in many countries apart from Russia including England, Spain and the United States. Currently he lives in Spain and divides his time between his Studios in Moscow, Nalchik and Los Canyos de Meca in Andalusia.

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Mihail Chemiakin (Shemyakin)

Mihail Chemiakin (Karden) was born in Moscow in 1943, grew up in occupied East Germany, and returned to Russia in 1957 where he was admitted to the Special High School of the Repin Academy of Art in Leningrad.  He was expelled from art school for failing to conform to Socialist Realist norms, and from 1959-1971 worked as a laborer in various capacities.  He was subjected to compulsory treatment at a mental institution, which was a standard way of dealing with ideological dissidents at that time. For five years he worked on the maintenance crew of the Hermitage Museum. In 1967, the artist founded the St. Petersburg Group and developed the philosophy of Metaphysical Synthesism, dedicated to the creation of a new form of icon painting based on the study of religious art of all ages and peoples.

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Ruslan N. Tsrymov

Ruslan N.Tsrymov was born on 16th October, 1952 in the village Psygansu of the Urvan district in Kabardian Autonomus Soviet Sosialist Repulic.
· 1969 - finished the secondary school in v. Psygansu.
· 1970-1975 - studied and graduated from the Art Graphic Faculty of the Karachaevo-Circassian State Pedagogical Institute.
· 1975-1976 - participated in the construction of the Baical-Amur main line.
· 1976-1977 - served in the Army.
· 1977-1993 - graphic artist.
· Since 1993 - free artist.

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