Act of Kabarda 1805: the New Document About Zhankhot Kushiku, The Last Grand Prince of Kabardia, by Albek and Astemir Abazov

An Illustrated Description of the Russian EmpireAuthors: Albek Abazov, Astemir Abazov

Erciyes University (Kayseri, Turkey), Department of Circassian Language and Literature (2014)

Language: Türçe (Turkish), Русский (Russian) and English

Key words: Kabarda, duke, wali, 1805, land, piece of ground, guardian, Act, border, Shkeshkh, Baksan, Cherek.

The Circassian history reveals that Zhankhot Kushiku (1758 – 1830) was the last Grand Prince in Kabardian country. However, till now there is not a clear vision about the time when Zhankhot Kushiku was born, and about the year he was elected the Grand Prince of Kabardia.

The unclear situation encouraged us to track the histories again. According to Beytighon Seferbiy, an archive researcher living in Kabardino – Balkar Republic, Zhankhot Kushiku was 29 years old in 1779. It can be concluded that he was born in 1750, though majority believes he was born in 1758. Beytighon Seferbiy concludes that Zhankhot Kushiku was Grand Prince of Kabardia between 1806 – 1822. The Kabardian scientist Karden Kelimet asserts that Zhankhot Kushiku was elected the Grand Prince in 1806, after the death of Colonel Hamirza Hatokhshoqo. According to Zhemixho Seredjin, a younger Circassian historian, Zhankhot Kushiku became the Head Prince of Khetikhoy branch of Kabardian royality in 1806, and in 1809 he was elected one of the two ruling Grand Princes in 1809.

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